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ACCEPT provides care and support through our Care Home.We provide holistic care to HIV/AIDS patients and their families. Our Care Home has the capacity of 35 beds.

We offer medical treatment for opportunistic infections. Palliative care is also provided for those in the last stages of AIDS. With the partnership with other hospitals, we also help the patients with various other medical needs, like surgeries, dental, eye care, cancer care etc.

Often we have to undertake the burial of the patients, who have been abandoned by the families.

We also help HIV positive women who are pregnant to deliver their babies and take care of them at our center.


ACCEPT is engaged in offering pre and post counselling for HIV patients and their families.

Telephonic counselling is also offered through a helpline advertised in local newspapers.

Health and hygiene counselling is also given to family members to take care of the HIV patients.

Care of HIV Orphan Children

ACCEPT has a separate Children Home placed little away from the hospital. Two care takers who themselves are widows are assigned to look after 18 children, presently with a full time teacher and other medical and counseling staff support. Children also go to a local school.


We are also engaged in rehabilitating some of the patients who are healthy by offering them jobs in ACCEPT. As well as we provide them jobs by networking with other NGOs.

We conduct job training to some of the widows of deceased patients.

HIV/AIDS Awareness

Prevention is the only remedy for the spread of HIV so ACCEPT is engaged in conducting HIV/AIDS awareness programs and training.

ACCEPT already have conducted awareness programs in villages, schools, colleges,churches and also for corporates.

If you want to conduct an awareness program contact us


HIV and TB goes together in many cases. As HIV patient’s immunity is weak the chance to get TB is more compared to others. Due to its infectious nature, many NGO’s working with HIV patients care don’t take HIV patients with TB.

This challenged us and we started a separate ward with 10 bed for such patients. ACCEPT also provides TB DOT-treatment for such patients.

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