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According to NACO, the total number of people of living with HIV in India is estimated at 21.40 lakhs in 2017. Among the States/UTs, Maharastra has the the highest estimated number at 3.30 lakhs followed by Andhra Pradesh 2.70 lakh, Karnataka 2.47 lakh, Telegana 2.04 lakh, West Bengal 1.44 lakh, Tamil Nadu 1.42 lakh, Uttar Pradesh 1.34 lakh and Bihar 1.15 lakh. These eight states together account for almost 75% of the People living with HIV. Other all states have less than 1 lakh people.

The new HIV infections in 2017 shows a decline from 85% to 27% between 2010-2017. The new infections are increasing in three North eastern states- Assam, Mizoram and Meghalaya.

In Karnataka, there is 46% decline in new infections.

Content and Images Source:NACO

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Here are some videos, which will help you to understand HIV/AIDS issue and medical information about HIV/AIDS.

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