Oppourtunity to serve


You can come and be a volunteer at ACCEPT and use your skills to help at the different departments. Over the years many have volunteered and their lives were transformed.

Short term, long term or weekly few hours of volunteer opportunities are available throughout the year.

If you are interested, please contact us.

Volunteers Speak

I had the opportunity to be a volunteer in ACCEPT for few days and could work with every department. I could see love and care for the patients at Accept. I could see patients with their family talking with each other never felt rejected or neglected. This is in fact what these mostly destitute people need in the absence of a complete cure.

I found all the staff with a smiling face and welcoming me more than a brother which I cannot forget in my life. They were friendly and could see God’s love in them accepting the unaccepted. I could see this working well as a curative method.

In the children’s home, I could see Ameer the youngest tiding his own bed.Children are provided with food, shelter,education and lots of love and hope for their future. I thank God for this chance He gave me to serve these patients and children.

Pinto C David

During the time at ACCEPT I saw and experienced a lot. The people who worked there do what most people won’t. They accept those who have HIV/AIDS, shows them love and takes care of them. The patients are happy and well taken care of.

It amazed me to see the staff in the organisation dedicate their time and effort to carry out what they’re doing. Given the variety of options they could do with their lives, they chose to give off themselves to people who need them, and that’s just great.

Dora Dennis

Two Sisters who volunteered shares

Use your skills to help

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